Slight Idea Change

After looking into some more studio based adverts and having group discussions after our meeting with Matt, we decided to change where we were going to shoot our makeup advert.

Our original plan was to visit a number of different locations and shoot certain clips of certain models in different places, however, this was a huge stress and struggle for us to organise! Trying to organise models and makeup artists to travel to locations in London, and then travel around with us for the day, with no payment for it, was hard! Having all of the equipment on us, as well as bags of clothes, shoes, camera, food etc, all seemed a bit too much for us to do. With all this in mind, we as a group, decided that it would be better to shoot it in the studio.

We will still be keeping the same brand, the same style advert in terms of models and what they will be doing, we’ve just changed it to a more neutral studio style than in different locations.

It makes it a lot easier for us as a group, and a lot easier for the team of models, makeup artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists we are trying to organise. With doing it in the studio, we can have everyone in the same location, at the same time, and not have to carry everything wherever we go as we can set it all up and shoot all day long.

With shooting in the studio, we want to tone it down a little bit, from bright coloured clothes in funky arty locations, we want to have more neutral coloured clothing and a softer looking style overall. We as a group like the ‘behind the scenes’ style video, and capturing the models getting ready and having fun on set, while all in similar neutral clothing but with slightly different makeup looks on each model.

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