Sign Off Meeting Feedback

After our meeting with Matt we felt pretty happy with our ideas and where we were going with it. We spoke a lot with Matt about it all, making it clear to him and ourselves and he gave some helpful feedback of what we can do to go forward with the planning.

We told Matt our job roles within the group and that Emily was head of models, I was head of styling and Rachel was head of makeup. We each explained to Matt what we were going to do to fulfil our job roles for the project. When I said that I was in charge of the styling, Matt gave me some ideas to look at hiring clothes from either fashion studios or costume hires and to also create moodboards that show the clothes I had in mind.

He also said to do further research into makeup brands and how they appeal to their target audiences, what their products are like and to also do a survey to hand out to black skinned women to get their opinion the struggles they have with finding makeup to suit their skin tones. Other than this, I was going to help the group look at locations where we could possibly shoot. Now I know what I need to do to go forward with this project.

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