Pitching Our Idea

Now we had our idea and some research done, the next thing to do was to pitch it to Matt and get our idea signed off. For this, I created a PowerPoint presentation to show Matt clearly the train of thought my group had. Also, giving visuals helps to explain it better.

I didn’t do as much writing to show Matt for the short film as it was more visual and speaking that got our idea across better. I briefly summed up our idea and style of film and then included a moodboard of visuals so Matt could get the idea a bit better. I then had some video links to Youtube videos we showed him too.

We explained to Matt that we wanted to shoot this on location. We said that we could find some unique locations, with graffiti, bright coloured buildings and interesting background, to then shoot certain models at certain locations and then have some big group shots at another location. So this was something we needed to look into, was locations around London.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 2.09.39 pmScreen Shot 2018-04-22 at 2.09.46 pm

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