Our Idea

After a big group discussion with Emily and Rachel about what kind of short film we wanted to create, we all agreed that we wanted to base it around makeup. We had a lot of ideas bouncing off each other. We had ideas such as creating a new product and creating an advert for that, we thought about maybe doing some interviews about girls and whats in their makeup bags, we thought about maybe focusing it on boys and makeup, do we focus on white skin or black skin? There was a lot to talk about.

After the chat and some research, we decided as a group that we wanted to create our own makeup brand that would solely focusing on black women, and men. As we all discussed, black people are limited when it comes to finding makeup to match their skin tones and there is not one single brand that is specifically for black skin. There are a huge number of brands that range from white skin to black, but there is never enough options are dark enough tones for black people.

With this in mind, we carried on our research and put all our ideas together to then discuss with Matt in our meetings.

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