Looking At HQ Advertising Campaigns

To get some more inspiration and ideas for our short makeup based film, I looked at some HQ advertising campaigns for brands such as Versace, KKW Beauty and Urban Decay. Each short film had a very powerful impact with showing their makeup range, a diverse choice of models and each having a different story/style to them.


This HQ advert for Superdrug is very fun and colourful! It features both men and women wearing makeup and they look like they’re having a lot of fun with it. It features bold words on the screen such as CURIOUS, DARING, FLIRTY. I liked the style of how this looked within the advert and will definitely consider having big bold words flashing on the screen during our short film.

Urban Decay-

Urban Decay featured actress Ruby Rose in their short film to advertise one of their recent lipstick ranges. The advert is short, powerful and punchy. Its a short story of Ruby Rose putting a shade of lipstick on from the range, going to a VIP club, getting in because she’s wearing the lipstick and then feeling the power now she’s inside. Some clips feature her boxing, applying more lipstick in a mirror and playing with her dogs. All showing that she’s feeling superior and sexy now she’s wearing her new Urban Decay lipstick. This is something that we can take forward within our short film. We can get our models to look and feel powerful wearing our Mystique makeup range and show them having fun with . I feel this will help appeal to our target audience.

Sleek MakeUP-

The “My face. MY rules.” advert by Sleek MakeUP is one of my favourites out there at the moment. Its so diverse and fun, I love watching it! Its all about individual people waking up in the morning and deciding what makeup to put on. It features a light skin female, a light skin boy, an asian woman and a black skin man. It shows them all individually getting ready and what their makeup routines are. Once they are all ready, they all head out onto the streets and feel as powerful and amazing as they look. They’re walking down the street getting some looks from people, but they’re walking past. not caring and owning their individual style. I love that this advert is showing that no one should care about other peoples judgement, and you should be free to wear whatever makeup you want and look however you want to. This is a strong message to portray across to our young audience in todays society. We want our makeup brand to show that you can wear it how you want, look beautiful and feel powerful.

KKW Beauty X Kylie Cosmetics-

This short film is slightly different to the other examples I have looked at but I really like this advert for their makeup brand collaboration. It is a short film of Kylie and Kim behind the scenes. It shows the hands of makeup artists and hair stylists adding the finishing touches to their looks while they’re on set waiting to be photographed. They look like they’re having a lot of fun on the set, and even apply some of their own makeup to add their own personal touch to their looks using their products. This advert is studio based and I really like the look of shooting a makeup ad in a studio. The lighting is quite dark, which makes their highlight and pigmented skin stand out in the dim lighting. Having a behind the scenes style video is something maybe we could consider if location shooting doesn’t work out for us. It is a good way to show the girls having fun and feeling powerful in our makeup range.


What I love about this short 18 second long Versace advert is the pure simplicity of it. It features a number of models, very recognisable in the fashion world such as Naomi Campbell and Gigi Hadid, all wearing Versace clothing and accessories. It is made up of a bunch of short clips of all of the models saying the word Versace on repeat. Again, they look like they are having a lot of fun wearing Versace clothing. This a very clever and simple way of advertising the new collection and this is something perhaps we could consider including in our short film.

As our final short film has to be between 4-8 minutes long, perhaps we could start or end the film with all of our models saying “Mystique” over and over again, and then show the fun, powerful side of our makeup brand and the models.




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