Fenty Beauty Video Inspiration

The makeup brand we have mostly been looking into is Fenty Beauty. We all as a group really like this ad campaign. I personally love the looks of the models and the styling, it almost seems like a rally cool music video, but its for makeup. The advert was created by Dutch photography and film duo Inez & Vinooh, who have shot and filmed for a number of celebrities, magazines and brands.

These are the videos we have been getting the most inspiration from. The first one is Rihanna talking about how and why she created her brand Fenty Beauty. The second video is a short video showing all skin colours she creates makeup for and even showing the products in a funky graphic way, and the third video is the ad campaign she related shot by Inez and Vinooh.

Looking at all these videos, we want to take ideas from the looks of the models, the styling, the subtle yet glowing makeup and the music used over the top. We want to create something in this sort of style but aiming more towards our black audience rather than ranging from white to black.

We are going to look into models, locations, styling, makeup looks and also backing music.

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