Fashion Brand Inspiration

Pretty Little Thing-

PLT is an online based fashion brand that I shop at quite a lot so I am always seeing their ad campaigns and clothing. A lot of their ad campaigns are all about girls having fun, feeling superior and coming together wearing their PLT clothes. As this is the kind of vibe we want to have in our short film, this was a good source to look at for some inspiration.

Their fashion is very current, colourful and young. Featuring a range of women in their ad campaigns, it shows diversity and how they are trying to appeal to todays society.


Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 11.28.19 am


Misguided is another online shopping brand that I shop at quite a bit. They are very similar to Pretty Little Thing int arms of the clothing, prices and styles that they sell. However, what separates them is their style of ad campaigns that they use to advertise the clothes. Missguided use a range of female models in all different shapes and sizes, and in their ads they put across a strong message that anyone is beautiful and should feel free to be themselves. Missguided have been in social media news a lot lately as they recently released an ad campaigns called “Make Your Mark”. This was a campaign where all the plus sized, black, white, older and tattooed women wore clothes and showcase them in a plain studio set up. What set it apart from anything ever done before, was the fact that there was no retouching done whatsoever. Therefore, cellulite, stretch marks, tattoos, wrinkles and scars were all on show.

I think that releasing and creating an ad campaign like this is so current and really appealing to todays female society. As social media used to always be about looking a certain way, and having a certain hair style, or nice makeup to be considered “pretty” or “beautiful”, its completely changed now. In our short film, we want to put across this same vibe, keeping it on trend and having our models come together in their makeup.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 11.29.17 am

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