Disruptive Innovation & Marketing Myopia

A disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and it eventually disrupts an existing value network. It displaces established market leading firms, products and alliances.

How this applies to Mystique

Mystique have created a disruptive innovation by creating a brand that target a specific audience, niche market. That market being just focusing on black skin. Mystique will develop along with society, it develops alongside what is becoming more trendy and current and appealing to our target market. Where black people are limited with choice for makeup, Mystique want to be able to fill that gap and offer makeup to suit all shades of black skin.

A business suffers from marketing myopia when a company views marketing strictly from the standpoint of selling a specific product rather than from the standpoint of fulfilling customer needs. Mystique will do the opposite of this and connect with their customers and target audience rather than just selling products to make money. As a brand, we would rather keep the identity and stick to our views and passion of black skin, appealing to people, being an easy brand to rely on and being affordable.

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