References & Inspiration

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These are the main TV shows and films we are taking references and inspiration from for our moving image posters. As a group we have watched all or majority of them already, so we can apply the inspiration to our work. The references we have included are Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Species, Alien and The Walking Dead.

Stranger Things- 
From Stranger Things we have mainly taken inspiration from the main character Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown and the ‘upside down’ world she came from. In the show, a boy goes missing, and after months of searching, he is found in ‘the upside down’, the world where Eleven came from into the real world. Eleven has to adapt and fit into human life, and she has special powers. We want our main character Hatch to be similar to Eleven’s character in that sense, and that she comes from a different world to every other human. There are scenes in Black Mirror where Eleven is being tested on in her fathers secret lab and this is where the inspiration for the styling for our images came from. We are going to get an androgynous looking girl to model as our character so that the references are there in our final poster.

Black Mirror-
From Black Mirror we are taking references and inspiration from their main image and some scenes from certain episodes. The main image of Black Mirror is a black screen with broken glass shattered on top and it says “Black Mirror”. This is where the inspiration for our egg and petri dish posters came from with the cracking glass and egg shell. As it shows some sort of hidden danger and suspense, we liked the look of it and anted to apply it to our posters. We are also taking some reference from a few episodes where they take people into labs and rooms for testing for their new technology devices. We are taking this inspiration for the styling of our posters, our storyline and what our posters are showing. The styling will include costumes and props that show Hatch is being kept in for testing and security reasons.

We aren’t taking much from this film except for the storyline similarities and the imagery used. The storyline is similar to the one we have made up and the image they use for the film shows a human and alien life form merging into one. This is what we will be showing within our posters of the two life forms coming together so this is the inspiration we will be taking from this film.

From Alien, we are taking inspiration for our egg poster. As the image used for Alien is a big egg in a space style scene, and we are creating a poster with an egg, we are going to reference this. We want to use the reference in terms of the positioning of the egg and what it symbolises.

The Walking Dead-
This is one of my own references I found. I have been watching this series lately and in one of the scenes, you see two humans keeping a zombie in their make shift lab for testing and experiments to try and get answers behind the disease. This is good reference and inspiration for our storyline and also the reasons as to why we are creating the posters we are. They’re all about the alien and being tested.

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