Thinking Of A Name For Our TV Series

Now we had the storyline in place and it made more sense, we then started to think of a name for our new TV show. This proved to be a bit harder than we first initially thought as we wanted to have something that fit and sounded right.

I wrote down some of the name ideas we discussed-

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 7.08.58 pm

We all liked different names for different reasons. I personally liked the short, one word names such as Cracked, Found and Hatch. I just think that these are the types of names you would imagine a TV series based on our synopsis to be called.

As the story line of our TV series was heavily based on the finding of an egg, and it hatching into this human alien life form, we decided to go with the name Hatch.

It was a unique name that didn’t belong to any already existing TV shows or films, and it fit well with the theme of what our TV show is about.

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