Our TV Show Synopsis

As a group we wrote down some rough notes with all our ideas together to come up with a draft storyline for our new TV series. Once we spoke about it a bit more, we got a clearer understanding of what it would be about and it started to make more sense to us.

In our group chat, we discussed the storyline from the notes we had made and Emily wrote up the final synopsis.

“An alien life form lands on an island and the government get together a team of top scientists to investigate the situation. On the island they find nothing, apart from a large egg which is discovered by two scientists, Lucy and Thomas. They take the egg back to their lab and do many experiments to try and find out what it is and where it has come from. The egg makes no form of movement for a fair few days but one day when the scientists have left the room, the egg hatches. An alien appears from the egg but this alien has the ability to change itself into a human life form.

Lucy and Thomas come back into the room and discover a young child, not knowing that she is an alien and has hatched out of the egg that they found. They notice that the egg has cracked but cannot find the substance that has come out of it. They nurture the child and keep it safe and end up naming her ‘Hatch’.

‘Hatch’ joins the two scientists in discovering what alien life form has hit planet Earth and once she trusts them and feels comfortable she shows her true self to Lucy and Thomas. ‘Hatch’ allows the two scientists to conduct experiments on her to try and find out where she has come from and why the aliens have come to planet Earth. When visiting the island the aliens start to make appearances to Lucy and Thomas and they realise that they can’t leave without ‘Hatch’ as she is special to the aliens.

Lucy and Thomas have become attached to ‘Hatch’ and want her to stay with them, so the aliens begin to fight against the humans, trying to get their property back. This causes a war, destroying Earth. Towards the end of the series ‘Hatch’ then gives herself over to the aliens in order to save her friends and she returns back to the Andromeda Galaxy which is where she belongs.”

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