Group Sign Off Meeting

A few weeks ago, we had a sign off meeting with Matt in our group. The sign off meeting was an opportunity for us to pitch our ideas and planning so far to him and to get his feedback.

To give Matt a better understanding and to make our ideas clearer visually, I put our ideas and discussions into a PowerPoint presentation.

In the presentation I included a brief storyline, some visual ideas of how we would want our posters to look and some sketches of the ideas we had. When we first came about our supernatural storyline, we discussed in the group how we had a vision of our posters ‘morphing’ from one thing into another. Almost, like a lenticular image, but instead it would be a moving image/video of one thing morphing into another, then morphing back into the first thing, on repeat.

With these ideas in mind and to try and make it a bit easier to explain to Matt, I roughly sketched it out as best as I could to give a better understanding.


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