Brainstorming Ideas

To get the ball rolling with our project and before we made up our own TV series, we decided to brainstorm which TV shows already exist that we have watched and which ones we could get inspiration from. We thought this was a good ideas as we then had lots of inspiration in-front of us to help us research and come up with our own hypothetical TV series.

We thought about which genres already exist, and which TV shows we know fit with each genre. Having it all mapped out made it clear which routes we could possibly go down with our project, and it was interesting to see which team member liked what genre/show.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 4.18.04 pm

Out of the genres we wrote down, my personal favourite genres are ‘CRIME’ and “SUPERNATURAL’. These are the two genres that I have watched the most shows and films from. So I personally wanted to go down this route as I would enjoy creating the outcomes for our own TV show.

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