Task- Practising Camera ‘Movie Mode’

After our first photo films lesson we were set a small task to complete. The small task was to create a ‘portrait in motion’. We had the choice of who we chose to film and what they were doing, but we had to practise angles, lighting and camera movement within our short clip.

For this small practise task I chose to use my boyfriend as the person in my film. I chose him as I know what he likes and I thought it would be easier to film something I know he likes doing. As we both like watching the TV series Peaky Blinders I got him to wear his flat cap. He likes rolling cigarettes and using his Zippo lighter too so I included that in my short video, as it also links to the Peaky Blinders theme.

I chose to use black and white for my video because it added effect to it. With the flat cap covering his eyes, the black and white effect it created a mysterious vibe to it.

This is the link to my Youtube channel with the video on it-


I enjoyed practising with the movie mode on my camera and using the black and whit effect, I feel like it helped me get to grips with the basics of using my camera for filming.


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